"The Five Love Languages"

If you've never read these books, you really must invest some time in reading them, especially if you are married. I promise you, the time will not be wasted. You will learn a lot about yourself and the people around you that you care about.

For the past three weeks I've been teaching the teenage girls about the five different love languages. It's been a fantastic study and the girls seemed to really learn a lot. We went over words of affirmation the first week and took time to write little compliments down for each other. The second week we went over physical touch and gifts. We first had a "hugging time" where we went around and hugged each other. After that they wrote down a little gift that would really bless them, and then they each drew someone's paper before they left, with the intention of buying a little gift for that person.

Finally, today we went over quality time and acts of service. They communicated with each other some kind of acts of service that would really bless them, and then we talked about some different ways to spend quality time together. When we were finished, several of the girls stayed behind to take a little "test" to see which of the languages seemed to be their strongest. It was so insightful! Some of the girls I'd already pegged as definitely speaking words of affirmation, being quality timers, or being gift givers. But some of the results were quite surprising!

I'm so thankful for these books and all they've taught me. I'm happy to have had the chance to pass this insight and wisdom on to the girls. Now I need to allow God to show me how to creatively speak each of their separate love languages. (And need some extra help to find time for all those quality timers, which surprisingly is a lot of them. Soooo challenging with 60 kids!)


Anonymous said...

Andrea, I'm guessing yours might be words of affirmation? or maybe quality time? Which is it?

Great reading your story of how God is using you. Knowing you is such a blessing and encouragment.

Love ya! Congrats on getting to come home! :)


Andrea said...

Yes, mine is words of affirmation first and quality time second. Good job! :)