In need of a break

I am so incredibly thankful for my break that's beginning on Wednesday afternoon. Seriously, this term has been horrendous! I have no idea what in the world is happening...other than an obvious spritual issue. I mean, just when I think I'm making some headway with the teenagers, they shock me all over again. I know that I wasn't the perfect teenager and definitely made some mistakes, was disrespectful sometimes, and had times of not being totally honest with my parents. So, I guess that kind of behavior shouldn't be too shocking. But it is.

Maybe it's because last year things were better, or maybe it's more shocking because culturally youth are usually much more respectful to elders here. Whatver it is, I just have to ask God for an increased amount of strength and wisdom constantly. I apologize often to my parents for anything I put them through as a teenager. And I seem to be asking more and more, "God, are you sure I am the best person for this role?" As for now, He hasn't opened up any other door or sent anyone else to fill this role, so I can only assume that He still wants me here, serving as boarding mistress. I'll just keep hanging on, singing "The Desert Song" and believing that on the other side of this desert season, a "promised land" is waiting. Until then, praise God for a much, much needed break!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good break and gets lots of rest!!!