The "Driver's License Adventure" part 2

Please go here to read Part 1 of this 'adventure'.

My "Botswana Driver's License Adventure" last ended with me contacting the US Embassy in Gaborone to obtain a letter stating that my Texas license is real and valid, but instead being met with an exasperated response of, "We don't give that letter out and haven't for years. We keep communicating this but keep getting phone calls like yours asking for one. Please go back to the transport office and tell them that those letters from the US Embassy don't exist anymore."

Which brings us to today....
Early this morning Brenda and I headed to the transport office together. On the way there, we prayed that a) the guy who needed to help us would be there, and b) that they wouldn't even ask for the Embassy letter. We prayed for God's favor on the situation and that everything would run smoothly. And I must say that today's experience was MUCH better than my last!

This time when we arrived at 7:20, we got to be numbers 16 and 17 on the list (as opposed to my 45th position at the same time my last visit.) Despite the office opening twenty minutes late, were still able to get into the office by 8:30. Already a great improvement!

We were very excited to find the man we needed to talk to was in fact in the office today. He helped us fill out our forms and sent us to get our eye exams. I grew a little nervous when I found the same man as last time working at they eye exam area. (He's the one who asked for the Embassy letter last time and sent me away when I didn't have it.) When I sat down, I shared with him what my response from the Embassy had been. He was very nice and understanding and apologized for my last experience. In his words, he "must have been having a bad day."

Brenda and I took our eye tests and passed with flying colors. We headed back to the office feeling great! We went back to the counter to get our picture taken for our licenses, but were sad to instead hear, "I'm sorry, but we just ran out of the cards for the licenses. Please come back on Friday."

So.....the adventure is not quite over yet, but at least I now have a nice piece of paper stating that I have been cleared to obtain my license and a receipt for payment (70 pula...about $11). This document allows me to at least drive legally now. I'm very thankful for things going so much more smoothly today and that our prayers from this morning were answered. (If only we'd thought to pray for there to be enough cards!)

To be continued (and hopefully finished) soon.........


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That's awesome...I always just drove there with my American license.

Andrea said...

I know! That is the reason why I never pursued getting one, but things have really toughened up now. It will be great when I finally have it in my hands! :)