Finishing Up

Ok, I think it's time to begin winding down on this blog. I have a just a few more posts to cover my last couple of weeks in Botswana. Dragging out this update process has definitely helped me. I love going back through the pictures and remembering those last fun memories I had in the country I came to call home for two years. But I think it's time to finish it up and close the door on this season of my life. So, if you're still hanging on with me and following along, thank you! We are almost finished.

To close out this post, here are a few pictures of my pet cats I had in Botswana:

Flash (so regal)


Flash hiding from the camera

Princess trying to block out the cold

Mittens making herself at home

Flash trying to cool off while he sleeps

These three cats provided sweet companionship and lots of laughter for Theresa and me in the house and for the teenagers while I lived at the dorm. I love the little unexpected blessings that God provides for us. :)

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