Last Days Part 2: Teenagers

Here are some pictures from my last couple of weeks with the teenagers in Botswana:

Game Time!
Win or lose, game nights with the teens were guaranteed fun :)

"Crazy Dress Night" at Fire by Night
Um, I think these pictures speak for themselves

Chao's Good-bye Slumber Party and Dinner
Chao was kind of my 2nd in command while I was boarding mistress. She was such a help and blessing to me! To send her off as she graduated, we had a mini-slumber party...loaded with fun and laughs! On her last night in Maun, she and I had a nice dinner out, enjoying some nice quality time. I miss this girl so much!

Sign Language Girls
The few weeks before I left, we were blessed to have three deaf teenagers from one of the local high schools come to church, and I loved getting to interpret for them! Here is a picture of them, along with Patricia, who helped me with interpreting

Tummie and Maipelo
These sweet girls were in boarding my first year in Botswana and it was so great getting to know them. Right before I left, they returned to Maun to get baptized. It was such a treat to get to have some time with them, give them big hugs one more time, and get to celebrate their baptism with them!

As the days wound down, the silliness seemed to increase! Here are pictures from the last week at school, the last Fire by Night, and the last Sunday at church with the teens

Boarding Christmas
Haha! I just love this sad little tree that was part of the boarding Christmas decorations.

Last Movie Night
One of my favorite things to do once I moved out of boarding was to have frequent movie nights where a few of the teenagers would come over to hang out and watch a fun movie. This was our last one when we watched "Steel Magnolias".

These are pictures from different times of saying good-bye to the teenagers. I was able to have lunch with the last group that left and then go with them to the airport. We had a wonderful time, although watching them leave was one of my most emotional moments. :(

It's funny because before I moved to Botswana, I had almost zero experience with working with teenagers. When the opportunity was presented to me for me to be the boarding mistress and I had such a great stirring in my heart for it, I knew that the Lord was up to something big. I could never have predicted how challenging and extremely rewarding it would be to live with these kids, to build relationships with them, and to have the opportunity to disciple them in the Lord.

I am so thankful to have developed what I hope will be lifelong relationships with many of these guys. I can never thank the Lord enough for taking me out of my comfort zone and giving me such an incredible life-changing experience with those precious teenagers!

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