Injury/Prayer request

If you know me at all, you know that I am a very clumsy person and tend to injure myself in the strangest of ways. Well, I have a new one to tell you about. As I was babysitting last night and going to put the baby down in the crib, I stepped on a toy and lost my balance. I reached out to grab the crib to stop us from falling (it didn't) and my shoulder took the brunt of the weight as I fell. I heard a pop and immediately knew something was not right. Thankfully the baby was fine, although a little shook up. By the grace of God, I was able to get ahold of a friend that happened to not be far away and had no evening plans. The dad came home to relieve me and my friend took me to the emergency room. After almost a couple of hours and a few x-rays, we determined that thankfully, nothing was broken. It appears that I have ligament damage and will wear a sling for a week. Here is where I need prayer and why I am writing about this on here....if after a week I still feel the same kind of pain, I will have to have an MRI done to determine if I damaged my rotator cuff. If that is the case, surgery will be needed. I am praying this is not the case and that my shoulder and arm will begin to heal themselves this week. I would so appreciate you joining me in prayer for a total healing and for nothing else to be needed. If any more would be needed to be done on my arm, there could definitely be some financial issues, so I am praying for protection over my finances also.

I know that God knew this would happen and He has good to bring out of it. I am having a hard time having to depend on others' help and am being humbled already in this area. I have to be out of my apartment on Tuesday, so the timing is not the best, but it could be worse. I have much to be thankful for already, namely such supportive people in my life willing to sit in the emergency room for a couple of hours with me on a Friday night, offering an extra room to sleep in, carrying heavy boxes to my car, helping to clean my apartment...and all this just hours after the injury. Thank you in advance for your prayers for a quick healing and for my eyes to be wide open for how God wants to use this for His glory in my life. I find comfort in knowing He'll never give us more than we can handle...if He's brought us to it, He'll bring us through it!

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JD said...

i will definitely be praying and i love you very much. keep me updated!!!