July 8 Update

Well, I was planning on coming home from church tonight to write that there isn't all that much to update on, but I had no idea what God was going to do in my heart at church tonight!

For the past six weeks I have been involved in leadership development classes at church, with the past three weeks focusing specifically on church planting movements built primarily on multiplying small groups/house churches. (If you'd like more information/clarification on what I'm talking about, I'd LOVE to share...it's amazing!) Anyway, tonight God planted a whole new crop of ideas and vision in my heart concerning my time in Botswana. I can barely grasp it all in my head and have no idea how He will cause it all to come together, but I am so excited!! I am going to spend some time in prayer, seeking His will and direction. I will then e-mail my contact at Love Botswana to share these new visions and ideas. Again, I am not sure what will come about from it or how it will all look, but a whole new passion has been ignited in me! I covet your prayers, especially over the next few days as I seek God's direction.

Other than this, the only other update I really have is that I am currently working on packing and I will be moving my stuff out of my apartment in just two weeks, which is so crazy! All this packing and going through things has caused many memories to return and reflection on different seasons in my life. I've said it before, but will repeat again that I stand in absolute awe at what Jesus has done in my life. He has completely invaded my soul and changed me from the inside out. He is nowhere near finished, but I am so thankful for what He's already done. I shared in my small group in class tonight that a recent revelation God has given me is that when I am close to Him, allowing His Spirit to fill me, I like the person I am (because it's actually Jesus shining through)...however, when I get busy and push my time alone with Him to the back burner, I begin to see more 'Andrea' come out and I do not like what I see at all. I will say that a positive is that it keeps me humble, realizing that any good in me is not me at all, but is actually Him shining through me. Left alone, without the Spirit working through me, I am not a pretty person. Praise God that He is a transformer of hearts!

I love you guys and appreciate you so much! I can't wait to update you more on what God is doing in my heart and I totally can't wait to get to Botswana and get to put all this into practice!

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