July 25 Update

So many great things to report! First, thanks to the help of some amazing people in my community group and my precious friend, Jen, all of my furniture and most boxes were loaded into a UHaul last Thursday. Another wonderful friend, Stacy, then drove the approximately seven hours with me in the truck and helped me unload all of the things. Just about everything I have has been either given to my sister (who just bought her first house!) or will be sold in a huge garage sale. There have been so many emotions that have come with this packing experience, but let me tell you what a joy and freedom I felt when I came up to my apartment after loading everything in the truck. It was wonderful! I feel like so much clutter and baggage from my life is now gone. I now have a week longer to finish packing little things and clean my apartment before moving in with a co-worker and her husband, who have graciously offered to house both me and my cat for the next few months. I have also been offered a couple of other bedrooms to stay in when needed, so I will probably bounce around some, so as not to be too much of a burden on any one person or couple.

The second praise is that my summer jobs are now coming to a close and the financial blessings have been amazing! I have been babysitting and doing summer school just about every week this summer. It's kept me very busy, but I've been blessed in many ways and am so thankful for those opportunities. After next week is completed, I will have some much needed time to visit some friends and family and just enjoy Andrea/Jesus time.

Lastly, I want to thank you for any prayers you have offered for my support raising. I just received an updated on the finances and it looks great!! I am so incredibly humbled and amazed at how God is using His people to provide in such astounding ways. Admittedly, with all the moving and changes going on right now, I have had little time to think much about the financial support raising. I believe that is just how God would want it, as He takes care of that huge task for me and proves His incredible faithfulness yet again.

Prayer requests
  • A smooth transition into my new housing arrangement beginning next week
  • A peace and excitement with the teaching assignment at Okavango International School in Botswana. (I should find out the grade I will be teaching next month.)
  • For my heart to be continually opened to new truths and revelations as I spend time in God's Word and for a greater understanding of my role in God's plan
  • For daily reminders to pray for the people of Botswana and Love Botswana Outreach Mission, along with an ever growing love for them both

Change is coming! When all else changes and shifts, God is constant...He never changes or goes anywhere. Isn't there such joy and peace in that truth?

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