New perspectives and blessings

God has really blessed me the past few days with a new perspective on upcoming changes. Yes, change can be hard and even painful, but it's only really through change that we can grow. God has been growing me in many areas this year and I think much more is yet to come. I welcome the stretching if it will help me to increase my faith and bring more glory to Him. I believe He has an incredible amount of blessings in store for my next year in Botswana, including brand new friendships, experiences, and ministry opportunities. When I think of things this way, I feel excited and hopeful, and I'm encouraged by remembering that God is sovereign and His plans are perfect. Thank you so much for praying with me on this.

In other news...
  • It finally rained here in Maun! This is a huge deal when you go months and months without even a sprinkle. When the weather is hot and dry (even reaching 111 degrees last week!) you really feel the ache for rain. We had a few teasers recently, with only a few sprinkles, but thankfully we finally received our first real rain last night!
  • Today I could have briefly forgotten that I am in Africa. America has been all over the news here and the center of many conversations. It's very interesting to view this election as an "outsider" and have a different viewpoint on things. It's really been a neat experience for me.
  • I may be taking a little road trip the early part of next week! I haven't been to the capital city here yet (Gaborone) and Gary and Stacy will be going for a few days and invited me to come along. As long as things work out ok, it looks like we may be leaving in just a couple of days! It will be great to see more of Botswana and have some time with my precious friends before they leave next month. :(
Be blessed and enjoy your nice, cool temperatures...and your new president!


Abby said...

Were you able to vote?

Andrea said...

Sadly, no. I am a horrible procrastinator and found that I waited too long to get my absentee stuff done. I've kept up with all of the election stuff, though. It's been all over the news here!