Road trip!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I leave on a road trip for a few days with my friends Gary, Stacy, Angela, and baby Tshepiso. I cannot possibly put into words how excited I am about this! We are driving to Gaborone with a few stops on the way. I've never been to Gabs (Botswana's capital city) and I am so looking forward to being in a city for a couple of days! We will go shopping, maybe to a movie, and hopefully go to Mugg and Bean Coffee Shop so I can get one of those cheesecakes I've been craving! :)

Please pray for our safety (9-10 hours on these African roads always needs prayer coverage!) and for many blessings in the time with my friends. All of them will be leaving me in less than a month, so I am extremely grateful for this quality time with them. I look forward to sharing stories and pictures when I return next week!


Anonymous said...

Have fun!!! You'll love all the options there compared to Maun. hehehe

Leah said...

that sounds so fun!! and i will def keep you in prayers... african roads=scary

KSA said...

I have been have a lot of cheesecake cravings of late to. Think of me while you enjoy you treat.