Joy through Praise

God has used this Hillsong dvd (Saviour King) to start something among the boarders that is very exciting! The teenagers love Hillsong worship songs, and we watched parts of this dvd last year. On Sunday of last week while a few of us were sitting around, I suggested watching this dvd again, to which they all excitedly agreed. We watched several of the songs and the crowd began growing.

Later that night Keturah and I went to a small social at the mission and when we returned home, we found almost all of the girls gathered around the tv, watching the Hillsong dvd and singing along with all of their hearts. One of the songs that touched them deeply was the song, "Hosanna," which is one of my favorite worship songs on the dvd. It was beautiful to see them singing beautiful praises at the top of their lungs!

On Monday I received a wonderful package from my parents which also included the new Hillsong DVD, "This is Our God." The kids wanted to watch it immediately, and we ended up having a praise and worship night at the hostel! The dvd was taken out again on Friday, and we enjoyed another praise and worship night. What I love is that even the kids who weren't on their feet, singing along were still there sitting and watching. The words in these songs are powerful and I believe God is using them to minister to these kids' hearts. I believe seeds are being planted, especially as these kids are watching many of their peers worshipping God with all that they have.

This evening instead of turning the tv on, one of the girls put in one of her Christian music compilation cds. When some of the faster songs were playing, the girls began singing and dancing together with huge smiles on their faces. There's something really amazing about having this music playing around here, and I see how it is affecting the whole attititude of boarding. I really, really think God is doing something among these kids and it is so exciting to watch!!

Here is a short video of the girls singing, "Hosanna" that first night:


moweezle said...

Andrea, that is sooooo great!

Heather said...

I love hearing about this!! "Hosanna" is one of my favorite too.

Stephrs said...

What joy this brought to my heart....the sound of African children...praising Jesus....ahhh.