"Nurture" Conference

On Saturday all the women at church, including the teenage girls, had quite a treat! We had a few hours of "girl time" including worship, panel discussion, prayer time, and hearing encouragement and testimonies from women visiting from America. We loaded up all the girl boarders and went as a family to the conference. The main message for the teens was "Love Thyself" and they were reminded of how beautiful and precious they are to their Heavenly Father. They also heard about guarding their hearts, being young women of purity, and finding the great potential within themselves.

I think we all returned home feeling blessed, loved, and a little closer to each other.
Here are scenes from our day:
On the bus, heading to church
Dineo and I feeling excited!
My beautiful girls....

Time to dance!

Conference leaders
The girls representing the teenagers on the panel, asking questions most teenage girls have. Older women and mothers then answered the questions. It was a wonderful and very insightful time!
All of the girls got one of these mirrors...
and were reminded of how beautiful they are.
Obekeng and I on the way back home
The girls and I rejoicing after a great afternoon!


Amber said...

I've been away from blogland for a couple of weeks and just spent some time catching up on posts I missed!

How fun that you got to take your girl boarders to a girl's conference! I'm sure they had a lot of fun and were encouraged. :) We had a women's time at our Epic Conference at the beginning of February and for some of the girls, that was one of their favorite parts of the weekend.

I can totally relate to your clumsiness. I just blogged about an Amber moment accident I had this week that has put me in bed for several days. ;) How are your ribs doing?

Praying for you and Jason!

Stacy said...

wow, what a great conference!!! sounds like it was so much fun. and it sounds like it came at a perfect time for some of these girls you've been serving!

Andrea said...

Yes, the conference was great for both the girls and myself. Such a blessing!

Amber, my rib is all healed now! It was just badly bruised and after about 3 1/2 weeks all the pain was gone. Thanks for asking and thank you for your prayers for Jason!