Special Request

I am writing with a special request from my teenage girls. I have found that probably their very favorite thing to receive from the States is a journal. Just like most other teenage girls, they love writing out their thoughts and feelings, but journals/diaries are almost impossible to find here.

Before this term a few wonderful people sent me several journals, and there were actually enough to give all the girls one of their own. Now that we've been in school awhile, some of them are getting close to finishing theirs up. Since people often ask what is something that would be really helpful here, I thought I would pass this information on. If you are able to send a journal or two this way, please know that it will be put to great use and will be VERY much appreciated!

P.S. Another thing really appreciated by the girls are fiction novels written for teens. They love these, but unfortunately don't have much access to them at all. (Our library is really not stocked well for the senior school.) And they also really, really love gum. :)

**Update** I also forgot to mention that I am always needing more Bibles. There are always kids wanting their own Bible. I've found really great deals on Bibles at used book stores if you're interested in sending one or a couple.


Honea Household said...

I am going to try to gather some journals and books up! :) How exciting. I would love to do this for you. Do I ship it to the address on your blog?

Andrea said...

Thank you so much, Ashley!!
Yes, the address on my blog is perfect. My girls will be so thrilled! :)