Recommended Reading

I love blogs. I follow tons of them and love reading about people's thoughts and life experiences. Recently my friend, Susan, started a blog to document her road to being a full-time missionary in Guatemala. I am loving following her journey, so I wanted to pass on her blog to you. You can find it here. (For other missionary blogs, scroll down on the right side of my blog to find links. I especially love Maureen's in Israel and Matt and Kelly's site from Botswana.)

Also, a couple in my home church in Austin has been in the process of adopting two children from Haiti for the past two years. It's been a long, grueling process that unfortunately isn't over yet. BUT, one of their children, Story, was finally able to come home a couple weeks ago. You can read about this exciting time for them (and be really inspired by adoption) on Jamie's blog or Aaron's.

For a giggle, check out Leah's blog with all her pregnancy adventures. I love it! Or check out Tisha's for some great inspiration.
These are just a few of my favorite blogs that I hope you enjoy, too. Happy reading!

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