Today's Unexpected Blessing

Today I had a very unexpected blessing. Although, it didn't really start out that way...

For some reason I always seem to be rushing on Sunday morning. It just never fails that I find myself running late, no matter what great intentions I have. This morning was no different. On top of running late, though, I was also feeling anxious because I knew I would be signing the whole church service since Keturah (my signing partner) is no longer here. This always makes me feel anxious and nervous.

About ten minutes before I rushed out the door, I received a phone call from Jana to say that there would be several more deaf adults and teenagers joining us for church today. My initial reaction was a quickening heartbeat and feeling a little shorter of breath. I know that I am so not qualified to interpret the church service for all of those people. Thankfully Jana said she would be helping me, which was a relief, but I still found myself leaving without the best attitude.

All of this changed when I actually arrived at church. First of all, there is something that seems to happen to me once I get in front of the people I am signing for. God just takes over and blesses me with extra energy and knowledge of the signs I need. I actually find it to be a real joy to be able to interpret once I get up there. But added to this is the fact that these nine people we were signing for were amazing to sign for! They were so attentive, focused, and involved with what was being signed. I ended up taking the three teenagers to youth and interpreting for them there. Oh my gosh! I never expected these young ladies to bless me so much! I told them I absolutely LOVED signing for them and can't wait for next week!

God reminded me of some important lessons today. If He calls us to it, He will help us through it! He will provide all we need. Also, when we are doing something for Him, it will inevitably end up being a great joy and blessing to do. I mean, we get to partner with Him in ministering to people He loves. That's pretty cool. Praise God that He will use us in spite of ourselves, in spite of our limited abilities and negative attitudes, and bless us abundantly in the process. What a great God we serve!

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Speaking Soundly said...

God is amazing like that! :) I find that happens so often if we are willing to move forward despite those hesitant thoughts! :) Love ya!