God's doing such a work in my students!

So I mentioned how one of my students committed his life to Christ Friday. Awesome, right? Well the blessings just keep coming! I met with this student yesterday for a few minutes during lunch and showed him how to easily study his Bible. I recommended he start reading in John and gave him his own journal to get started. Well, first thing this morning, he proudly came up to me to show me his journal with yesterday's REAP done for the first chapter of John. Um...amazing!! On top of that, when he finished his work and had some free time, he stated, "I think I'll read my Bible." SOO exciting to see his growing hunger for the Lord!!

The second great blessing came at lunch time today when I met with seven of my students for our first weekly Bible study meeting. These are the kids in my class who are participating in Project 3:45, and we decided to meet once a week to discuss what we are learning. It was absolutely incredible to have Bible study with my students!! This was definitely a first for me as a teacher and I LOVED it!!! Oh my gosh, I honestly don't even have words for what an awesome experience this was from me. I can't wait until next week!

God is doing so much in these kids and I seriously just can't believe what I am seeing. Please keep praying for them and I'll gladly share more praise reports soon!!

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