Inconviences/Prayer Needs

Things have been crazy around here lately. We have had four days without running water now (with the exception of maybe a couple hours a day). This combined with temperatures over 100 degrees makes for some very icky days. On top of that, our power will randomly go off sometimes, resulting in us not being able to use fans or air conditioners during that time. Did I mention triple digit temperatures?? Horrible. (Not that this is the first time we've had water/electricity drama. See this post and this one for more stories.)

Today we found out that our water tank was filled for us to have water for today so we could do laundry, dishes, etc. We were warned, though, that this water was river water and would not be suitable for drinking. Um, understatement. I'm not sure this water is suitable for anything other than flushing the toilet. I'm pretty sure there is more dirt than water in this liquid coming from our taps. Unfortunately I didn't study it close enough before doing laundry, and my beige sheets are just a tad bit more on the brown side now. We've been boiling the water so we can wash the dishes in it, and the jury's still out on whether there's any point in bathing with it. Will it cool us down? Yes. Get us clean? Don't think so.

On top of this crazy water issue (which by the way is affecting the entire village), we're also in the middle of an incredible vehicle crisis here at the mission. Two missionaries' cars are in the shop for repairs with no known completion time, Pastor Jerry's new jeep was involved in a terrible accident this week that totaled the jeep (but amazingly left its passengers unharmed), one of the mission vehicles was in a wreck the day before and another one needs to be put in the shop for something minor. It's crazy! Vehicles are precious here and it is such a burden when they are down. (I have some experience with this myself.)

Needless to say, we'd love your prayers! Both for the water and power situations to be fixed and for God to work out this vehicle crisis. The missionaries and staff also need prayer to remain content in this time and to stay focused on the ministry we are here for. All of these inconveniences are nothing to the Lord and I know He will bring good out of this time. Thank you in advance for your prayers!
Here's a picture of the water coming from our taps:


Speaking Soundly said...

Praying for you and the village! Love you!

Its just me said...

Oh wow...the pic says it all. Praying.... :)

Andrea said...

Thank you both for your prayers!

stacynalex said...

that water looks absolutely heart goes out to you all!!!!!