Water Drama

Around here, you never know what drama is waiting around the corner for you. Currently, it's water. Last year we dealt with water shortages more often than I care to think about, but so far this year we've been pretty blessed to not have problems with this...until now. We are now on our fourth day without running water. If I lived by myself, this would be an inconvenience for sure, but living with sixty teenagers...well, it's a crisis. We're talking no running water for drinking water, bathing (for 65 people), dishes (for 65 people, three meals a day), laundry, or even to brush our teeth or flush the toilets!

The problem is that we get our water from town and currently it just isn't coming in. Fortunately we do have places to go in town to fill up large jugs with water to function with. And we've been blessed the last couple of mornings to get a little bit of water overnight, enough for showering at least. I am very thankful for these blessings, but must say that I'll be really thankful when our running water has returned for good.

Here are some pictures of us making do with what we have:
Lone bracing herself for the heavy lift
Ludo preparing to wash dishes
A team effort
Using pool water to flush the toilets

In times like these, we have a saying. "TIA...This is Africa!"


Amber said...

Oh man! I hope your water returns soon!

Clegg said...

Love your blog Andrea. The pictures are amazing. I am glad you are doing well. Take care!