Technology and Bibles

Technology has proven to be a great blessing to me during my time in Botswana, mostly with helping me to stay connected to home and to keep people updated on my life here. An added blessing of things like Facebook, though, is getting to reconnect with so many people from the past.

A couple of months ago I was able to reconnect with several people I was friends with my freshman year of college. One of them co-pastors at a church and when he found out about the ministry I'm involved in here in Botswana, he asked if there was anything I needed. I told him that I'm always asking for Bibles and journals. Immediately he took on the task of collecting money and ordering a bunch of Bibles to send here for the teenagers.

I was amazed last week when the box full of brand new Bibles arrived, each of them with a personal message written by the people who had donated the money for them. Tonight I had the teenagers, both boys and girls, who don't have Bibles, gather around the box and choose a brand new Bible for themselves. They were so excited!!

One of my favorite responses was from one of the girls. As she reverently held the Bible in her hands, she asked me, "Am I borrowing this Bible?" When I told her that no, this was her Bible to keep, her wide-eyed response was, "Really? This is my first Bible!" She then turned to a friend and said, "Look, this is my first Bible!" Such a sweet, unforgettable moment!

I love how creative God is. He always seems to provide in the most unexpected ways! Thank you so much Scott and Family Worship Center. You have really, really blessed us!

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