This Weekend

This weekend is significant for several reasons:

  • June 20th-Jason, turns 29 today! I'm so proud of him for so many reasons, and I feel extremely blessed to have him as my brother. Thanking God for him today and praying for him as he celebrates his birthday in Iraq. Happy birthday, Jason!! Love you!

  • June 20th-Saying good-bye to Wesley. Today is the day my family is gathering to say the final good-byes to my cousin, Wesley, and I hate that I am so far away. Today I am taking time to think of the great memories I have of Wes and praying for all of my family as we continue to cope with this incredible loss. Good-bye sweet Wesley. I'll miss you more than you can imagine.

Wesley's Obituary

  • June 21st-Father's Day. I've been blessed with the best dad ever. I'm sorry I can't be with him to celebrate, but I send my love and hugs across the miles. I love you, Dad! Happy Father's Day to the best dad a girl could have!
  • June 21st-My parents' anniversary. Tomorrow my parents will have been married for an amazing 34 years!! I am so proud of them and praise God for parents who have modeled marriage so well for their kids. No, their marriage is not perfect, but they have mastered the art of loving each other through every season of life and being committed to each other no matter what. Thank you, Mom and Dad! I love you both so much!


Speaking Soundly said...

What a magnificent blog! Love it. Praying for your brother, you and your family. What a blessing God has given you with so many great people in your life. Love you!

Judy Murray said...

Andrea - your insight, sensitivity, encouragement and pure love were greatly missed last weekend but don't think that you weren't there. Just having you as a member of our family and your faithful inspiration was a huge comfort for all of us. I love you my precious daughter.