Proud Teacher

I've shared before how much I love my class, what amazing kids they are, and what a joy it is to go to work everyday. I often pinch myself because I just can't believe how blessed I am to have a class like this and to have the opportunity to teach in this kind of environment. Our school is an international school, therefore my class is an international class. I have students from Botswana, Zimbabwe, America, India, and South Africa, and last year also had students from Finland and Poland. It's a beautiful view from my teachers' perspective when I look into the faces of my precious, multi-cultural students.

Being an international school located at a mission brings double the blessings because I also have the freedom to pray with my class and share Biblical truths with them. Along with learning math, language, reading, science, and social studies, my students get to learn about heroes of the faith, godly principles, and Jesus' parables and how they relate to us today. I absolutely LOVE teaching in an evironment like this!

Weekends stay pretty busy for me since I live with the boarders, so I am often feeling kind of run-down on Monday mornings. Yesterday morning as I was walking to my classroom, I saw several of my students waiting outside the door. When they saw me, a bunch of them ran up and hugged me and told me they missed me over the weekend. I just stood there, thanking the Lord that this is what is waiting for me every Monday morning. :)

I haven't shared many pictures lately, so I would like to share several recent shots of these kids I adore so much.

Getting ready for "Sports Day"

I worked at the long jump station:

Playing "What word is on my head?"
Even Stacy joined in on the game!
A recent birthday swimming party:

At our school's sponsored walk:
We work hard in class...

But we also make time for fun!

I am a very blessed teacher!

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