Waiting on Him

Tonight after prayer time with fellow missionaries here at the mission, I am feeling lighter and a renewed hope. It occurred to me tonight how often right before great breakthroughs, the heat is turned up just a bit. I hope, pray, and believe that a huge breakthrough is coming and that I am just feeling the preceding heat right now. I'm thankful for what He's been doing and look forward to what's to come, especially with the teenagers. May my eyes be wide open and my ears in tune with what He is doing and saying. I don't want to miss a thing!

P.S. My vehicle has not been working for three months now. Hopefully the needed part is coming in the mail this week. I'm praying that the 3rd time is the charm (this will be the third part used to try to fix the problem) and that my car will be functioning again very soon. I'm actually praying for sometime next week. (Please Lord!)

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