I don't know where this has come from, but I have really, really been struggling today. I'm just feeling overwhelmed, discontent, doubting, questioning, wishing I were somewhere else, etc. Please, could you say a prayer for me and for whatever is going on. I am needing some encouragement and strengthening from the Holy Spirit. Ugh, I hate feeling this way!

Thank you in advance for prayers.


Its just me said...

Hey Andrea...I wonder if there isnt something spiritually going on...thats a silly staement I have been feeling the same way today. I have been feeling like our trip is going to break us financially, here at home. We need to make sure our bills are covered somehow while we are in Zambia for 17 days and it seems as though all kinds of unnessescary things are coming up. For example, we ended up having to take our dog to the vet and pay $229, unexpectedly. So I will def pray for you and throw a few up for us Hang in there. :0)

Abby said...

Loving you and praying for you, friend!

Andrea said...

Thank you guys so much!