Midyear Break

Today begins the one-week "midyear break" we have here at the school. All the boarders have gone home and it is eerily quiet around here...but I've definitely enjoyed it! I miss the kids and feel like I have so much time on my hands, but the rest and quiet is really, really nice.
Today I've concentrated on these tasks:

1) Watching LOST episodes from season 5. The episodes take so long to download, so I usually download one a night. Although the process is slow, it seems to be worth it because each episode is so good!

2) Catching up on laundry. Because of our water situation this past week, my dirty clothes hamper has been pretty full. I've enjoyed a day of being to get it all done.

3) Enjoying Aaron Ivey's new album. (Have I mentioned that I really recommend you getting a copy?? It's an amazing album and a great way to spend $10!)

4) Walking down memory lane as I listen to music from "The Essential Michael Jackson" album. His oldies are such goodies! And song after song brings back such fun childhood memories. I can't decide which of his songs are my favorite. Any thoughts?

5) Dinner at Audi Camp. I love this place! When Keturah told me the outreach team that's here was going to Audi for dinner, I jumped at the chance to join them! I had a great night of fellowship, good food, and of course a yummy cafe mocha! :)

Now it's off to bed as I prepare for church tomorrow. Monday I'll begin working in my classroom with grading and lesson plans. I'm really excited about all these days off!

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Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a nice break...especially the Audi Camp part :)