Praying for the Youth

My heart is burdened again for our youth. Sometimes I feel like youth ministry is like a roller coaster: up and down, up and down....But I know that these are God's kids and He is infinitely more interested in their lives than I am. He won't give up on I can't either.

We've seen quite a bit of good lately. Here are some praises:
  • Matt, Kelly, and I have been investing in a group of eleven teens who we see great leadership potential in, as well as a heart passionate for the Lord. Our leadership meetings (held every other Saturday) have been wonderful and great encouragements to us. I'm so excited to see how God continues to work in them!
  • Project 3:45 has been going for three weeks now and we are seeing good fruit already. (This is an initiative to get the kids reading their Bible every day.) Many of the kids have commented on how much they are loving reading the Word.
  • Some of the youth who've been really resistant to the Lord this year are beginning to change. We see their hearts softening and their hunger for the Lord growing. So exciting!
While we rejoice in these praises, we continue to pray over many of the youth who we see continuing to fight the Lord's working in their lives. Some of them started out being excited about Project 3:45, but are beginning to lose that excitement and their commitment to it. Some of them were once so hungry for the Lord, but are now resisting Him completely. And we still see so much negative peer pressure. We will press on in prayer, believing for change, and would love for others to partner in prayer with us.

If you would like to begin praying intentionally with us for the youth in Botswana, specifically those we work with, please contact me to let me know and I will give you more specifics on things to pray for. We've prayed that this term would be the most powerful one of the year, and we still believe it will be. We've already seen God answer prayer in huge ways, and we believe so much more is yet to come!

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