Goodness, there has been so much going on here lately! Unfortunately, the internet has been down at the mission plot for almost two weeks, so I've relied on quick trips to local internet hotspots to basically just check my email. But yesterday all of us missionaries almost had a party when we realized that one of the local restaurants offers FREE internet! This is a huge blessing, so we are taking full advantage of it whenever we can.
Here's the latest:
  • Most of my students went on a four-day camping trip with the standard 7 teacher and had a wonderful time. I missed them so much and must say that I was incredibly relieved when they safely returned to the school. :)
  • Election day has come and gone here in Botswana. This day only happens once every five years, so it was an exciting day! We were reminded again how very blessed we are to live in this peaceful, stable country where, unlike many countries in Africa, we have no need for fear on election day.
  • There has been an amazing amount of ministry going on lately, especially among the kids in my class. They have just suddenly become so open about spiritual things, asking some really great questions in class. Several of my students have joined with the teenagers in participating in Project 3:45, an initiative to get the kids reading their Bibles everyday. Last week I taught the nine participating students in my class how to do the REAP method of studying their Bible and we are going to actually meet each Tuesday during lunch to discuss what we are reading and learning. Bible study with my students....incredible.
  • The ministry with the youth has lately been going really well! Friday's Fire by Nite was probably the best one of the year. The best part about the night happened after the great worship time had finished, after three of our student leaders had shared powerful testimonies, and after Matt preached a powerful message, when he asked if there was anyone there who had yet to surrender their lives to Christ and wanted to do that now, about 10 to 15 hands went up...including one of my students!!
  • This student and another one have been coming to church and Fire by Nite with me for the past couple of months. I've sensed God working on their hearts and have been praying a lot for both of them, so you can imagine my joy when I saw this young man raise his hand. One of the most special moments of my teaching career happened soon after that when he came up to me after Fire by Nite and said , "Miss, I'm ready for a change." We chatted for a bit, I made sure he knew what decision he was making, and then we were able to pray together as he surrendered his life to Christ. Definitely one of the most precious moments of my life.

I wish I could update more, but my computer battery is almost dead! I'll be sure to update again soon, but until then, please continue praying for the youth and specifically for the kids in my class. God is working. He's working in a really powerful way. I love having a front-row seat to watch!


Amber said...

It's so encouraging to hear what God is doing in the lives of your students and they passion they have for knowing Him!
December is coming up fast...you finish at the school in December, right? Do you have any idea what is next for you yet?

Andrea said...

Hi Amber! Right now my plans are limited to visiting friends and family and planning for what's next. I'll probably start applying for teaching jobs in January. Maybe I'll do some substitute teaching? Not sure yet, but will keep you updated! :)