The blessing of children

One of the many blessings I've had on my visit home is the chance to see a few of the kids who mean so much to me. Four of them belong to one of my best, lifelong friends, Christy. Her four children are some of the sweetest and most adorable kids I know. I was so blessed when Christy and her whole family drove from Houston to spend the day with me. She's such a great friend! Here are pictures of her and her sweet children:

I also have loved having the opportunity to see some of my former students. I made it by the house of one of the families and enjoyed visiting with them so much. Then the next day I invited all of the students I keep in touch with regularly to meet me for lunch. I was shocked to see so many show up! We had a great time catching up and I loaded up with lots and lots of hugs! After lunch I stopped by the football field to see some of my boys all decked out for their football game. They are growing up so fast!
Here are a few of my precious kids:

God has given me such a love for each and every child He's put in my life. What a great joy to get to spend time with some of them while here in Austin!

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