Experiencing Home

It has been a week now since I arrived in America and what a full week it's been! I had such a great time last week helping my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law getting last minute wedding details finished. The whole family was in town for the weekend and I was able to see many extended family members who came in for Elizabeth's wedding. It was great to see everyone! The wedding was beautiful, my sister was gorgeous, and everyone seemed to have a really wonderful time. What a blessing to be able to be here and have a part in it all!

I arrived in Austin today and will be here for a little over a week visiting with friends and going to church. I already went to a service tonight and it was very emotional for me. When I think of the many Sunday evenings I've spent in my room in Botswana listening to the Austin Stone podcast, missing church and the people there so much, it just overwhelms me that for a little bit of time I get to be here and get to soak it all in. I am working to appreciate each moment and every experience while I am here and feeling so blessed through it all!

I am having trouble uploading some of my pictures, but here are a few of my first day back here in America.
With my parents right after getting off the plane

With Jason and Kristin at the aiport
At one of my favorite places...Starbucks!
When we went to the movie theater that night, I saw this sign and the "Escape 2 Africa" part made me smile!

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Sarah W said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your time at home....soak it all in!!!