On the road again

Tomorrow I leave Austin to spend a few days with my parents before heading back to Botswana. My time here has been incredibly full and blessed. I really prayed before coming that I would fill up on fellowship, prayer, and worship time...all of which I definitely did! I have been reminded once again that I have some of the most incredible friends in the world, my church is so awesome, and Austin is just such a cool city!

It will take several days for me to process all that God has shown me and taught me the past week and a half of being here. I have had many wonderful conversations and quality time with friends and appreciate the words of encouragement each of them spoke into my life. My church is amazing and I loved every second of being there (so much so that I decided to attend 2 1/2 of the 4 services there on Sunday!) I hope that nobody here takes for granted the ability to worship together with that church body.

Thank you Austin friends and Austin Stone family for a wonderful, blessed week. See you again in 15 months!

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