My girls

My heart is just overflowing for love for my girls! I had a wonderful day with them, getting to spend quite a lot of time with them. This afternoon we had our discipleship group time and we dove into Romans 8 together. What I love about these girls is that they are so hungry and they are not afraid to ask hard questions. Praise God that He gives me the answers...I'd have no idea how to answer without the Holy Spirit's help!

Later tonight we had our last Bible study for the term and it was a fantastic one! We studied the last chapter of our book, A Young Woman After God's Own Heart, and it was totally focused on having purity in every area of our life. The chapter was loaded with great information and insight and the girls seemed to be soaking it all in.

After Bible study, a few of the girls came into my room to watch the cardboard testimony video. Then we had a little "girl time" with dancing around my room, laughing together, and even talking a bit about boys. :) When they all left to head to bed I just had to stop and thank Jesus for this incredible opportunity to live out life with these young ladies. I love each of them so much and what they've already added to my life. I'm so blessed!

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