Still learning

Let me just tell you how God is wrecking me out right now. He is holding a mirror up to me and showing me some serious spiritual flaws and areas of needed growth. This is painful for sure, but I praise Him for this time because it will allow me to become more like Him and bring Him more glory. I am reminded again of one of my life verses, which I have shared about before, but share it again today as God is continually bringing it to my mind: "He must increase, but I must decrease." (John 3:30) I pray this fervently over myself. I know that anything good in me is not me at all, but Him living in me. I am totally nothing without Him and certainly not a nice person to be around. I pray to live a life that is less and less of Andrea and more and more of Jesus. Although this purifying time is tough and painful, if it is helping John 3:30 to be real in my life, I thank Him for it. I trust Him completely and pray that He would receive all the glory that He deserves.

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