Scenes from home

I thought I would take a minute to share a few pictures from my trip home so far. There is really no rhyme or reason to them, but are really just some random moments captured.
Elizabeth, Erik, and I "playing wedding"
Erik and Elizabeth re-enacting their engagement picture...they're so cute!
So many Starbucks choices!
A random car that got caught in an afternoon downpour in Odessa
Kristin and I modeling our bridesmaids dresses

Kristin getting 10 in. cut off her hair to donate to Locks of Love
Such a cute haircut!

Showing off some crazy dresses we saw in the bridal store
An amazing moment of having both my grandmas in the same place!
Another trip to Starbucks!
More random pictures to come soon!

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Sarah W said...

Wow, that lime green number is pretty amazing. It's like a dress out of 27 Dresses! I didn't think they actually made those things! :) Looks like you're having fun!