It is so very, very hard to believe that the 2nd term is already coming to an end. The school year is now 2/3 of the way through! That just amazes me. We actually have four more days left in the term before all the kids head home on Friday. The end of a term brings sadness as I realize I won't see my kids for a month, kids that I love dearly and am used to seeing every day. But it also brings excitement to have lots of time for rest and time with friends. This term break is especially exciting as I will be heading home to Texas to be in my sister's wedding! I will also get the opportunity to see friends and attend my church a couple of times. I've been looking forward to this trip for months and can't believe it's already here!

Before I get on the airplane for the (looong) trip home, I am continuing to focus on things here and reflecting on all that has happened during the 2nd term. Admittedly, it has held kind of a roller coaster of emotions for me and a spiritual battle that I feel has led me to a greater love for the Lord and for what He is doing here. I have seen many of my girls falling more in love with Jesus and getting serious about their relationships with Him. I've also watched a few of them sadly struggling through some things and pressing through various "growing pains". I've had friendships grow and new friendships have been birthed. I've watched the students in my class grow to be more like a family each day. I've had a great time of bonding with friends on a road trip to a new area of Botswana. I've gotten to experience all of this and so much more!

I now close things up here, thankful for a wonderful, fruitful term, and pray fervently for a safe and joyful trip home. I pray that I will be especially refreshed and ready for term 3 and all the great things God has in store. I believe big, huge things are coming soon! Thank you for another term of praying with me and rejoicing alongside me for the ministry God is doing in Botswana. Much more is still to come!


shato said...

whats a lara bar?

Andrea said...

They are usually at health food stores and they are all natural, fruity kind of health bars.

Anonymous said...

I pray you have a safe journey home. Cant wait to see yall at the wedding!