Dutch Blessings

I love outreach season here at the mission. This is the time between June and August when teams of people come here for mission trips for a week or two. The teams are like a breath of fresh air, bringing in a new excitement and passion and blessing the people of Botswana and us missionaries so much.

The team that is here right now is a team of eleven young adults (mostly teenagers) from "Athletes in Action" in The Netherlands (aka: Holland). We have been especially blessed by this team and love watching them in action. They seem to have a very strong unity within the team along with a great passion for the Lord, and they display such joy while ministering. I love watching them!

I've been blessed with the opportunity to spend a bit of time with a few members of the team and have now decided that I just have to visit The Netherlands. I've been learning history and facts about the country and have even learned my first phrase in Dutch. "Hoe gaat het?" (Translation: "How are you?")

I'm so fascinated by meeting people of other cultures. It is amazing to me that while we're just here living our lives, somewhere else in the world in a country, village, town, city, etc., there are people we've never met or maybe even heard of who have a whole life going on that we don't even know about. I love it when God opens up another unknown door to a culture I was not previously acquainted with. This world is so big! I pray for the opportunity to do a ton more traveling and see more of these fascinating cultures!

Here is most of the sweet Dutch team:
(photo courtesy of team leader, Joanne)

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