Praying for a friend

Since January, Keturah has been a missionary here in Botswana, and up until a few weeks ago was my co-boarding mistress. She is also the other sign language interpreter (and much more skilled than I am!) Her primary role here, though, is working with outreach teams, most of which come from June-August.

Keturah has had immigration issues since she got here, similar to what I went through last year. Unfortunately things are not going well right now and she actually had to fly to South Africa today to wait at least two more weeks in hopes that her documents will be ready by then and she can come back. With all the uncertainty, though, there is a chance that she might go all the way back to America and return at a later time.

The timing is horrible with this because we are right in the middle of outreach season, and actually have two teams here right now. Please join me in praying for God to work a miracle in this situation so that Keturah can return to Botswana very soon and continue in her ministry here. And please pray for me as I carry more of the load with sign language interpreting, especially on Sunday mornings...about 2 1/2 hours, non-stop!

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Stacy said...

i saw keturah's facebook blogging and was like...what?! anyway, i will pray for her return!