What's Next?

With less than five months remaining out of my two-year committment to Love Botswana Outreach Mission, many people have begun asking me what is next. Well, that is definitely the million dollar question!

Honestly, I have very little clue what is next for me. And that scares me more than you can imagine! Since I came to Botswana the first time in 2006, I've known in my heart where I would be, at least until December 2009. Now that December is just around the corner, I am having to walk by faith again, trusting God to lead me into the next season of my life, and to reveal those plans to me in His perfect timing. I've been recalling His amazing faithfulness to me up until this point, which helps to encourage me in this waiting and trusting time.

What do I know for sure? I love Jesus and I love children. I hope to continue combining the two. I also have a passion for kids of other cultures and love traveling, but whether that will be a part of my next season or not, I'm not sure. I'd of course love your prayers concerning all of this over the next few months and I promise to keep you updated. I may not know what the future holds, but praise God I know Who does!


Daniel Johnson said...

This is why Jeremiah 29:11 is my favorite scripture of all time!

Just know that He knows His plans for your life. Looking forward to seeing how your journey unfolds.

Leah said...

I'll definitely be praying for you Andrea! Can't believe how fast that time has gone by!

Speaking Soundly said...

You know you have my love, thoughts and prayers!

Andrea said...

Thank you so much! I'm also looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds!