Prayer Needs

Here are a few current prayer requests:
1. The water situation at the dorm has been very touch and go the past few weeks. We'll have water for a couple of hours and then not have it for several more, or we'll even go a couple of days without it. It's become quite a burden and I'm praying that it is solved soon.

2. Because of it being winter, many of the kids are getting sick. Because of there being no water and them not being able to wash hands regularly, combined with living in such close quarters, the illnesses are spreading like crazy. I am one of the latest victims. I feel totally "blah" with cold/minor flu-like symptoms. Please pray for healing in boarding.

3. There have many issues with immigration and processing of documents around here lately, affecting many different people. I'm especially praying for Keturah and Brenda, who are both still waiting for work permits. Keturah has already had to leave the country and the same thing could happen to Brenda next month. Also, Jana has been working so hard for so long to get the needed approval for the baby house at the mission, a house that will take in abandoned or orphaned babies. We just need a lot of favor with the government right now in many ways.

4. Praying about the future and trying to not be anxious.

5. *Update* I just heard the horrible news about my former pastors in Austin losing their son last night in a car accident. Please pray for the Koke family in this horrible tragic time.

Thanks so much for any of these needs you are able to offer up in prayer!

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Stormy said...

Andrea! I will be praying!. I am so happy that you have a renewed hope in all that is happening and stand firm in my believe that God is using you with purpose each day! Even the days when you feel as if nothing is happening. Remember...the God who sent you is faithful!!! Always!! Love and prayers for you girl!