Amazing technology

Before I left America, my brother helped me get my webcam all set up so that we could video chat, especially since he will be leaving for Iraq soon. I've been back in Botswana a week now and we've already been able to video chat several times. It's amazing! To think that he is across the world watching a football game at 10:00 pm and I am waking up to get ready for my day at 5:00 am....and we are talking on my computer, looking at a real-time video of's really hard to comprehend!

Tonight some of my girls were blessed with the opportunity to experience this technology, too, when they all gathered around my computer and had a real-time video chat with my brother. They were able to introduce themselves, ask him questions, and even learn about some of my embarassing moments (sadly, there are many Jason has to choose from!)

Here are a couple of pictures from the night:

I am saying a special prayer of thanks for our incredible technology and that I am able to use it to stay in such close contact with people. Such a huge blessing!


Life is Fabulous said...

How cute are those pictures?! I love it!!!

KSA said...

Hey Andrea. We've never meet, but I have been following your blog for while and enjoy hearing about your life in Botswana. I always thought that I would end up on the somewhere over there, but Father had other ideas. I live in Central Asia, and am also so thankful for the technology that allows me to stay in touch with my family and friends back home.