This week has held many varying emotions for me. I totally love my life here and know how incredibly blessed I am to be living this life out right now. My kids are amazing and I love watching God work among them. He has also blessed me with some very special friends here in Botswana.

At the same time, sometimes I just get lonely. I miss my friends and family back home dearly. Sometimes I ache to see them, talk to them, pray with them, and get hugs. The internet is such a blessing, but when it has trouble (as was the case this week), I really feel the void left from not being able to communicate with home.

I love the Lord so much and love my relationship with Him. I know that really He should be (and is) enough for every part of me. But He has also made me a relational person, placing a very high priority on relationships. He constantly uses the people in my life to teach me, encourage me, sharpen me, challenge me, and lead me closer to Him. I am so incredibly thankful for each and every person He has put in my life.

My prayer is that He will continue building my relationships here in Botswana, too, especially providing a close, spiritual sister and friend. I also pray that in those times when I do feel lonely, that I will draw near to Him and find joy in my fellowship with Him.

My friend Maureen posted a blog post addressing a bit of the emotional roller coaster that is experienced by being a missionary. Yes, it is definitely an amazing blessing to live this life. But I also know that with this blessing comes quite a variety of emotions. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, which really do mean so much more than you can imagine and help me so much as I work through all these emotions!


Leah said...

I will be praying for you, Andrea. I totally understand how you are feeling, even here.

becky said...

Looks like you have a very rewarding life.God Bless you.Im a nurse and I enjoy my work so much.I believe when we help people we are doing the greatest thing on earth.Take Care!