Prayer need

If you read this post in the next couple of days, I would love to ask you to pray with me about something this weekend. I am having some big immigration issues right now and right in the middle of all the craziness, things just got worse as I realized that my temporary residence waiver is now missing. Apparently in the mix of all the paperwork and going from place to place, it must have fallen out or been misplaced. My heart is sick over this and I'm not sure what will happen now. (Update: I found the missing residence waiver!! This is a huge relief and answered prayer!)

I am going into the immigration office on Monday with one of the leaders from the mission and I am praying for divine favor. Immigration issues in Botswana can be really sticky ones. If you are able to any time during the next couple of days, it would mean so much to me if you could just lift this situation up to our Father, petitioning His intervention and His peace in my heart. I don't always respond well in these situations and see holes in my faith (probably why He keeps letting me go through these things!) So, I am praying to be stronger and more full of faith and peace during this one. I know He'll work it all out...I just need to trust Him!

In addition, I'm sure most of you already are, but I'd just like to remind you to pray for all of those being affected by Hurricane Ike. My heart is heavy for my friends in that area, experiencing quite a hit right now. I am praying for protection and for quick restoration of power for all of those affected.


Life is Fabulous said...

I promise to pray for you Andrea! Sending well wishes from rainy Chicago!

KSA said...

I have felt the stress of resident permit issues several times here in central Asia. I can sympathize. I will be lifting this issue up... and waiting to read the outcome so keep us posted.