Highlights from the week

It is only Thursday, but already this week has had many high points. Here are a few of them:
  • On Sunday I was able to sign for Monty again. I am realizing how rusty I've become and my need to practice more. I am hoping and praying for some opportunities to spend time with Monty outside of church, building that relationship and getting lots of sign practice!
  • On Monday I was blessed at the immigration office with another 30 day extension with almost no problems at all. This was a huge praise!
  • Tuesday was a wonderful day! One of the new teachers here, Megan, had a birthday and her husband is out of town, so we had a girls' night out with the two of us, my friend Stacy, and my new friend Kelly, who just moved here with her husband, Matt (our children's pastor). We went to a nice restaurant and had dinner, and I was able to get a yummy cafe mocha. But the best part by far was the chance to have fellowship with other girls and begin building new friendships, something I am really needing right now.
  • Wednesday I began teaching a sign language class to the secondary students and I was unsure if the turn-out would be all that good. I was shocked when 34 students came! (This is a third of our whole secondary school.) I hope this will be a great chance to build more relationships with the teenagers at the school.

This week is not even over yet, but it's already been full of blessings! Another huge one that didn't actually happen here, but was a blessing to me also was that a good friend of mine in Austin, Heather, successfully went through brain surgery on Monday and is doing absolutely wonderful! My students and I have been praying a lot for her, and it's great to share this praise and blessing with them. (We love you, Heather!)

I look forward to sharing more praises soon!!

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