A little of this and that....

Here's a bit of random information about happenings lately:

  • It is HOT right now. I mean really hot. I can't believe when I left in early August I was still wearing light sweaters during the day and heavy sweaters at night. When I returned just a month later, I was shocked at how much the weather had changed. I just looked at the forecast for next week and we are going to get up to 104 degrees one day next week! And the summer is just getting started!!
  • This week I was awakened one night a little before midnight to be warned that there was a bush fire dangerously close to the mission plot and to be on guard in the case of a need for evacuation. Thankfully all turned out ok, but it was pretty scary to see the sky lit up in red and orange hues just a short distance away from where I live! For more on this story, you can read Kelly's account here.
  • All the kids have headed home for our five-day holiday to celebrate Botswana's independence. (Actual Independence Day is Tuesday the 30th) Although I'll miss the kids, I am very, very excited for some time off to rest. I plan to read, take walks, spend time with friends here who I don't get to see enough of, and talk to friends back home, which is a lot easier when I am not "on duty" all evening and don't have to wake up at 5:15 am. :)

Here are a few fun pictures from yesterday and today. The rest have been posted in the online picasa album.

Fun times with the girls

Being cheerleaders!

We might have been a little bored :)
My students celebrating Botswana Independence Day
Sweet boys
My precious girls
Two of my students who were all snazzed up!
My whole class...I love these kids!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I soooo remember that heat!!!!! two letters: AC :)
Miss ya!

Germán Diego said...

very clidet for pictures