Discipleship group

Today our discipleship group started back up for the term and it was a great start! We started by setting the purpose for our group for this term. I wrote this on the board:

Lord, help me to be a:
Woman of Faith
Woman of Prayer
Woman of the Word
Woman of Worship
Woman of Love
Woman of Purity
Woman of Mission

We read over that and prayed that that would be our purpose as a group. We then had a time of Bible study, beginnning our study of Philippians. We read and discussed chapter 1, as well as Paul's circumstances surrounding him writing this book. The girls then had a time to just share verses that had ministered to them this week. This was probably my favorite part of our time. There's something so special about hearing these teenagers share God's word and how He is speaking to them through it, and then to hear them encouraging others with it, too. I love it!

We next had a small time of worship and reflection, which ended with a time of prayer. This term we will also dedicate a part of our time to praying for another country and their needs. (I have a nice little calendar that provides this information.) Today we prayed for the Congo and I think it was a great way for us to work on being "women of mission" as we focused on praying for the needs of the people in a place that none of us have even ever been to.

Our time was concluded by working on making visuals for ourselves to remember our group's purpose. So, with markers, colored paper, fun music, and girl chat time, we worked for about an hour on our little projects.

This is my finished product
This one is one of the girls'

Here is the whole group

I love these girls dearly and am so excited at how we will continue to grow together this term!

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