Back to Botswana

Well, unbelievably my time in America has come to an end. I leave tomorrow (Monday) morning to begin my two day traveling journey. I will arrive back in Maun, Botswana on Wednesday at 11:50 am (4:50am Texas time). If you think of me at all over the next couple of days, I would so appreciate your prayers for safe travels, the safe arrival of my luggage, and my transition back into the culture of Botswana. I will have a few days after I arrive to prepare for the new school term and the return of all my boarders. I am very excited to see them all!

Thank you in advance for your much appreciated prayers. More news from Botswana soon!!

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Amanda Beam said...

hey andrea! wow, i am sure your time home was wonderful, but i bet it was really hard to leave. although it sounds like you are really excited to see your kids again. hope the transition is a smooth one!